Largest chain of bookstores in Slovakia

Largest chain of bookstores in Slovakia


Our partner has a leading position on the market. Their marketing activities are very
broad but at the same time their possibilities to work with customer data are quite
limited. It’s very difficult to observe how specific groups of customers interact with
different types of discounts and incentives to buy more. Sales also experience large
seasonal fluctuations, and in terms of ensuring cash flow, it’s important to support
pre-seasonal purchases.


Increase pre-season sales to existing customers.


The Dateio platform allows the segmentation of customers based on how much
their spend with the merchant is from their total spend, this is known as the Shareof-Wallet. The merchant can use this data when they want to increase the spending
of a specific customer group.
In the group of “loyal” customers, who have a Share-of-Wallet higher than 50% for
the given merchant, i.e. they will spend at least half of the money with the merchant,
two-level cashback was set up for the bookstore’s customers:

• 7% for transactions over EUR 20
• 10% for transactions over EUR 30


One of the main effects of the campaign was an increase in
incremental sales of 75.8% coming from predefined
customer groups.
Customers with a SoW of more than 50% who activated the
offer, have increased their spending by 15% thanks to the
personalized offer. Before the start of the campaign the
average was 22.30 Euros and at the time of the campaign it
increased to 26.30 Euros.
Another positive effect was that their shopping frequency
increased by 35%.